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TooTaci M5 Turnbuckle Hook and Eye Heavy Duty,10pcs T304 Stainless Steel Cable Rope Tensioner Turnbuckles for Cable Wire,Cable Railing Wire Rope,Outdoor Sun Shade Sail Hanging Outdoor Lights Strings


  • Turnbuckles Kit comes with 10pcs M5 Turnbuckle hook and eye .
  • M5 Turnbuckle Hooks are Made from 304 stainless steel material for strength, and durability. High quality material give more longer service time,Cable Turnbuckle provide enough support to connecting cable wire ; The advantages of the stainless steel turnbuckles of quality, it is more durable and stronger ,offers maximum corrosion resistance, and strength; is superior to other configurations,can use in any weather and anywhere!
  • M5 Turnbuckle have an excellent range of adjustment ;tighten up wire rope ,easy to install and remove ,tighten/shorten the distance between the hooks adding tension . It can ensure the simplicity and firmness of the installation and easy to install and disassemble.
  • Turnbuckles perfect for tightening up metal cable, trellis wire,clothes line ,rope tightener,guy wire…;allows for tensioning the cable for a tight and tidy look!
  • Turnbuckle Wire Tensioners Kit is perfect DIY hanging accessory for wire rope ,Good for clothesline tightening;Used for steel cable wire rope to support lights hanging on; connect and make vertical sagging fence posts; adjust garden wire ,gate tension wire , guy wires,grape trellis wire,cable railing wire,etc…

Muzata 5Pack M4 Hook and Eye Turnbuckle for Cable Wire Rope Tension Heavy Duty T304 Stainless Steel for DIY String Light Picture Hanging Tension Wire Kit CN09


  • Package Included – 5Pcs M4 hook and eye stainless steel turnbuckle. It can be adjusted freely from the max length of 5.7 inch to the min length of 3.3 inch
  • Multiple Application – This stainless turnbuckle is easy to use and widely applied. It can be used in setting up clotheslines, string light hanging and plant climbing frame, etc. They can work with screw eyes (search Muzata CR18/CN01/CN02) and wire rope series (search Muzata WP1 for wire rope of various sizes, colors and materials)
  • Simple Installation and Detachable – The hook and eye design of this turnbuckle can be easily installed and removed. It can be easily tightened up wire rope and adjusted to the length you want
  • Durable Material – This turnbuckle for cable wire rope is made of quality stainless steel, which performs superior in corrosion and rust resistance, durability, and strength. Applicable for both indoor and outdoor uses except for wet and salty coastal areas
  • Why Choose Us – MUZATA has helped millions of families with their cable railing projects during the past years. We believe that home renovation should be easy and affordable. So we work with every effort to provide quality products and professional service, to make Muzata a reliable brand. Need professional one-stop cable railing solutions, please reach us to get Free design or After-Sales service

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LISHINE 10 Pack M6 Turnbuckle Hook and Eye Turnbuckle Wire Rope Tension 304 Stainless Steel, Adjustable, Heavy Duty


  • 【Strong & Durable】Turnbuckle hook and eye is made of 304 stainless steel, has a high hardness, strong load-bearing, rustproof, corrosion resistant, durable.
  • 【Adjustable Turnbuckles】 M6 turnbuckle length: 6 inch, Completely Opened Length: 9 inch. Great for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables.
  • 【Function】Cable tensioner turnbuckles for wire rope tightening up and straightening, great for cable railing for your deck or stairs. Screw the bolt to release or tighten wire rope.
  • 【Outdoor and Indoor Use】Turn buckle/ tension hook and eye can be used to shrink and tension rope, such as turnbuckle is fit for steel wire, antenna, clothesline, sun shade installation, chain and other rope.
  • 【Package Include】10 pieces turnbuckles for cables wire, easy to use, hooks on each end of turnbuckle allow easy connection to fixed eyes, jaws or loops.

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Hedume 12 Pack M4 Hook & Eye Turnbuckle Wire Rope Tension 304 Stainless Steel


  • Material – 304 stainless steel. It is best for strength, very durable.
  • With Working Magnetic.
  • Process – Silica sol precision casting.
  • Adjustable Length.
  • Application – Suitable for tighten taut rope, and regulate the elastic effect.

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JCBIZ 4pcs M4 Turnbuckle Screw Hook to Eye Strainer Fence CO Open Body Draw-in Bolt 304 Stainless Steel Adjustable Wire Rope Tensioner


  • Type: CO Open Body Hook to Eye Adjustable Turnbuckle
  • Size: M4
  • Material: High quality 304 stainless steel, high hardness, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, wearproof, waterproof, safe and durable, long service life.
  • Function: Special turnbuckle for wire rope tightening up and straightening. Screw the bolt to release or tighten wire rope.
  • Package: 4pcs M4 Hook to Eye Turnbuckle

BQLZR M4 Stainless Steel 304 Hook & Eye Turnbuckle Wire Rope Tension Pack of 5


  • Process: silica sol precision casting
  • With working Magnetic

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Metown, Turnbuckles Hook, 304 Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Turnbuckle M4/ M6/ M8 Heavy Duty Wire Rope Tension Cable Railing Kit for Sun Shade sail Installation (M6 4pack)


  • ★【SPECIFLCATION】M6 304 stainless steel hook & eye turnbuckle x 4 pc, Max extend length 8.4 inch, Min length 5.9 inch.
  • ★【LOAD LIMIT】220lb / 100kg (1pc).
  • ★【PREMIUM QUALITY】High quality 304 stainless steel,Waterproof,rustproof,corrosion resistant,safety and environmental,smooth and burr-free.
  • ★【WIDE APPLICATION】The turnbuckle commonly used in link the chains or ropes, suitable for Tighten Taut Rope, Chain, Other Rope and Regulate the Elastic Effect, Such as Stage Lighting Safe Rope, Tent Rope, Corridor Rope, Clotheslines, Hanging Rope, Photo, Picture Or Paint Exhibition Display Etc.
  • ★【EASY INSTALLATION】Turnbuckles is detachable, so it can be reused, install your shade sail between trees, wall to wall, wall to tree, or wherever you want with shade sail hardware accessories.

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M4 Turnbuckle,5/32″ Thread Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Stainless Steel 304 Turnbuckle Light Duty Wire Rope Tension 10pcs


  • –Standard Size: 5/32″(4mm) 4.125″ Long
  • –Material: Corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • –USE: Suitable for tighten taut rope, and regulate the elastic effect
  • –Safety: Made from 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance, long life span for maximum corrosion resistance and durability
  • –Package Included: 10 x Hook & Eye Turnbuckle

National Hardware N221-879 2172BC Hook and Eye Turnbuckle in Zinc plated,5/16″ x 9″


  • Authorized Replacement for Stanley Hardware Stock #N221-879
  • Designed for tightening or drawing together various lines and cables
  • Hex body allows for ease of adjustment by hand or with a wrench
  • Steel wire hook on one end, eye on the other end
  • Extruded aluminum body

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