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Nymo Nylon Beading Thread Size D for Delica Beads, 64 Yards per Bobbin, White, Grey & Black. (Multicolor)


  • NYMO beading thread is twisted for strength
  • Thread is pre-waxed for ease of use. Can be knotted tightly and securely.
  • Color: White, Grey, Black
  • Quantity: 3 bobbins of NYMO thread, 64 Yards long (58 Meters.) – one bobbin per color
  • Size: Size D thread will fit a size 12 beading needle, Thickness: 0.008 Inch 0.203mm

3 X 64-Yard NYMO Nylon Beading Thread Size D for Delica Beads, White (Pack of 3 bobbins)


  • White

KooK K.O. Japanese Nylon Beading Thread for Delica Beads, 50m, White


  • Quantity: 1 Spool
  • Thread is pre-waxed for ease of use
  • Can be knotted tightly and securely
  • Package dimensions : 2.2 inches (H) x 2.2 inches (L) x 3.2 inches (W)

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Beadalon Wildfire Beading Thread, Frost


  • Thread measures .006 inch
  • There are 50 yards per package
  • Thermally bonded beading thread that will not fray
  • Strength and durability
  • Thermally bonded coating
  • Super strong, waterproof, and near zero-stretch
  • Will not fray
  • Colorfast

2 Roll Polyester Thread, Heavy Duty Thread, 1500Yard/Reel 210D/3 Nylon Thread for Sewing, Sewing Thread for Upholstery, Outdoor Market, Drapery, Leather, Beading, Crafts


  • Size: Heavy duty thread white and black 210D/3, Polyester thread net weight: threads 120g. One roll is 1500yard, and two rolls are 3000yard
  • High quality:Nylon thread extra strong sewing thread made from industrial grade bonded nylon material; High tensile strength; Unbreakable by bare hands; Weather resistant; Great for both indoor and outdoor use; High heat tolerance; Consistent color and continuous length;
  • USE: Heavy duty thread perfect for the outdoor market, drapery, bedding, purses, wallets, canvas, clothing, awnings, tents industrial, home textile, leather goods, footwear, luggage, shoes, car mats, upholstery, and much more! Good for any home or commercial machine, will not break at high-speed machines.
  • Performance: Nylon thread uv resistance, wear resistance, strong toughness, good tension; Rich color options; Not easy to fade or shrink, shiny.
  • YOU will get:1 roll 1500yard/reel white polyester thread and 1500yard/reel black polyester thread , our 7*24 friendly customer services for peace of mind.

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64-Yard NYMO Nylon Beading Thread Size D for Delica Beads, White


  • The Package Height: 2.0″H
  • The Package Length: 2.0″L
  • The Package Width: 0.25″W
  • The Country of Origin: United States

The necessity to buy beading thread size products

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KooK K.O. Japanese Nylon Beading Thread for Delica Beads, 50m, Black


  • Quantity: 1 Spool
  • Thread is pre-waxed for ease of use
  • Can be knotted tightly and securely
  • Package dimensions : 2.2 inches (H) x 2.2 inches (L) x 3.2 inches (W)

Y-Axis 26 Pcs Assorted Beading Needles Including 6 Pcs Big Eye Beading Needles + 20 Pcs Long Straight Beading Thread Needles with Needle Bottle


  • You will get 29 Pcs in total – 6 Pcs Big Eye Beading Needles + 20 Pcs Long Straight Beading Needles + 1 Tube Needle Bottle + 1 Pcs Threader + 1 Pcs Adjustable Thimble hoop.
  • 【RUST-PROOF & DURABLE】These Beading Needles and hand sewing needles are made of stainless steel material, smooth, durable and corrosion resistant, the thread is easy to pass through the needle hole.
  • 【 EASY TO USE】With different size and different styles, can meet your different usages.
  • 【SIZE】 Big Eye Beading Needle (with 3 Sizes): approx. 4 inches, 3 inches and 2.2 inches; Long Straight Beading Needles ( with 3 Sizes): 4 inches, 3 inches and 2 inches
  • If you are unhappy with these product, we’ll get it replaced or issue you a full refund, no questions, no charge, no kidding.

Fireline Braided Beading Thread, 8 LB Test and .009″ Thick, 125 Yards, Crystal Clear


  • Color: Crystal Clear
  • Materials: Polyethylene
  • Measurements: .009″
  • Quantity: 1 Spool
  • Shape: Round

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